January Part 2 – New Protocol Round One!


As you all know, I have been on the same super duty protocols for well over a year with no success. The beginning of this year we decided it was best to try something different. On paper it looks like absolutely nothing, to me at least, yet I get a lot of “you’re so brave!”‘s as well as even being told I was someone’s hero. I guess that gets my mentality into fight mode to keep on going. I was at least pretty optimistic that this protocol would be good for me, as I am only taking half as much medication to kill a horse.

I didn’t really feel like starting. The day I was to begin my protocol was my one Sunday off of work a month. I actually was doing SO well for me. I did some cleaning, and even went grocery shopping by myself! Really?! Why do I have to start on a good day.. with my pills down the hatch, once I had my big exciting moment, I was ready to go.

My optimism and positivity paid off my first week. I handled it better than I had in the past 2 1/2 years of treatment. Unfortunately with Lyme disease, as there is no “one size fits all” treatment, it is really trial and error. I am hoping we might finally be onto something.

I did end up crashing toward the end of the week. I was frustrated at just about everything and began to really get down in the dumps. I was still able to push through, and pushed myself hard.

Sometimes I really think that is necessary. It makes you feel just a little more normal. On those last two days that I was miserable, I washed my hair, went to work for a few hours, went to the post office and bank. When I went to the hospital for my safety labs, I parked just a little bit further away to get a longer walk in. I was walking like a baby deer when I was all done, but it was a good feeling that I was on my heavy days of treatment and I was still able to do more than I would normally be able to do by far. I was kicking ass. 🙂

By the way, my labs were much better than my last visit. I am not sure why, as my last labs were all over the place and I wasn’t on treatment. For me personally, it is usually the opposite. Not allergies to the medication, but the bugs are at war being stirred up in my body.

Like I said, at the end of my first week, I was toast. This is the difference between bomb day and the day after. Isn’t it crazy that just one day can totally change your appearance? I was all droopy and a mess in photo one, and the second photo I was feeling a lot better the day after I completed my last day of treatment. That is a clear example of chronic illness. Some days are good, and some days are not so good. I was asked the other day about my medications and if that is the reason people with Lyme feel so sick. Yes and no. No one feels fantastic on a half a dozen antibiotics, but it is the reaction of the die-off that is making you sick. A herx reaction.


The honeymoon was over after my first week. Week two was my hell week, and I wanted to give up, but I didn’t. I wanted to stick it out EXACTLY as my LLMD ordered, to see what would happen. No cheating. No quitting.

I am trying to pinpoint what was killing me, and I almost think it is the high dose of Artimisinin. Who would have thought an herb could wreak such havoc? My tummy was NOT HAPPY. I was so nauseated.  I had so many neurological issues going on.  I was in a complete fog and my tics were back, and they have been back (at least now it almost looks like a quick intense shiver then I’m done most of the time), and having speech issues to the point I sounded like I was speaking a foreign language. A slurry and jibberish one. Haha.

Unfortunately, through this time doing my new protocol, I know I have undone any little bit of gut and fungal healing that I have been doing for weeks and weeks.  Stabbing pains, being glued to the toilet and the fun times of being glued to it with a trash bag to my face on week two. Having Lyme nausea as a lot of you know, it is a bit different. Instead of feeling better and relief when you finally throw up, it doesn’t help one little bit. I am completely bloated, and I have a yucky toxic yellow tongue. Ick.

I have the choice between 2 and 3 weeks off once treatment is completed. I might opt for 3-4. Having an upset gut isn’t a good thing at all to help make treatment effective.

Oh yeah.. we also brought home our puppy on Friday night!  Lucky for me Dave is a HUGE help at night. He told me last night she was making the bloody murder sounds that puppies tend to do in their crates about every 3 hours. I didn’t hear it at all. Night time puppy duty for him.  Day time for me. We are making it work, and she will be no different than our other dogs: a spoiled rotten brat. 🙂

It is keeping me going and I really enjoy it. She just turned 8 weeks old, and already knows sit and lay down. I think she is starting to get the concept of going outside to go to the bathroom, but with pee it is still really hard for her to hold it.

I have only taken one quick nap since Friday! Having a puppy you cannot sleep your life away. She is keeping me on a better sleep schedule, I have even been going to bed around 10, which is exactly what the doctor ordered. Maybe he should suggest everyone get a puppy. 🙂 Only kidding. But, it seems to be helping me! I am really happy to have her join our family. We love her so much already.

P.S. We decided to name her Olive. Ain’t she a cutie patootie?

I have been doing some research and talking among several Lyme patients and have decided to try something entirely new: biomagnetic therapy. Honestly I thought it was kind of hogwash sticking magnetics to you, but I have heard a lot of positive feedback. I suppose you can call me a skeptic when it comes to alternative therapies.

I really shouldn’t be though. I am learning to have a more open mind… with those who at least don’t throw things down my throat or try to sell me some “It will fix you even though I know nothing about Lyme disease” pills. Money back guarantee folks!  *Rolls eyes*

I have even started incorporating some essential oils to help alleviate some symptoms, especially right before bed when things like to flare even more. See? I’m trying to have a more open mind. And I will admit, the oils seem to help a bit.

At this point I am up for trying anything, and the people I have spoken to about this treatment were really happy with the results. I am going to try a few sessions and see what I think. These are my friends, and people I know have absolutely nothing to gain by offering advice with their experience. I take friend’s opinions pretty heavily as well. Worth a shot right?

Okay. So I didn’t really know what  biomagnetic therapy was, and this is what I think I understand about what it actually does. It basically uses pairs of magnets of opposite charges to depolarize areas of the body due to pathogrens. The treatment balances PH levels, which helps the body to have the ability to regenerate and restore itself. (Thanks Innovative Medicine for the info.)

I have a few weeks wait until I begin that treatment in addition to my current, so I will be excited to give you all an update, hopefully with great news! Have a great week everyone!

8 thoughts on “January Part 2 – New Protocol Round One!

  1. I was just thinking of you today and wondering how you were doing with your new protocol. The ups and downs are so hard, so is the wondering when we’ll see the other side of all this. Keep up the good work! Olive is adorable, thanks for sharing a picture. All the best.

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