February Part 2-Round 2 Ding Ding Ding!

Hello everyone! Hmmm… I am trying to remember how the past week or so has been… Those of you who are the same boat entirely understand this. I am reading emails, messages, and going off what little memory I have to give you all an update. Haha.

I was still on my break the last time I blogged, and I know some of my symptoms have come back. I am pegging it to be Bartonella. I am getting terrible “Bartonella feet”, as I like to call it. This tends to happen mostly at night.

This entails excruciating pain in the soles of my feet, and my plantar fasciitis has been pretty terrible at night. I end up walking on my tippy toes to try to alleviate some of the pain. I am pretty grateful however, that this is only a nighttime thing… I already have enough trouble trying to get through the day functioning.

I caught a cold last week so I had to postpone treatment. Having a cold is something that I am actually happy about and my doctors kind of jump for joy, as my immune system is actually working to fight the cold. That means when I am treating, my body will be fighting those buggers and treatment should be effective.

I have been doing fairly well this week for the start of my protocol. Yay! I am still having some tics, a bit of a fever, and there has been a few nights all I could do is brush my teeth and go to bed because I have been getting dizzy. Lately I have been trying to take a shower every night so it doesn’t take me long to get ready in the morning. A puppy cannot be trusted lol , and I want her to have some time to play out of her crate before I head off to work.

I have been able to run a few basic errands like go to the bank so I am not an entire mess this time around.

Septra dries me out, I feel like a raisin. My mouth, and eyes, my face feels tight. At least there was no puking while taking Flagyl this week. I guess I mind over mattered that pill and pretended it was just like any other pill I have to take.

I told you all I would update you as to how my biomagnetic therapy went! During my first session, she kind of tried to pinpoint my areas that we need to mostly focus on. I wore these boot things and she kind of grabs your feet to see where your body isn’t aligned and figures out what needs to be fixed based on the magnets.

I told her she was going to have a field day, and I was right. Here is what it looks like, to get an idea, only I had about a half dozen more magnets on me.

June 2013 023

I have another session today for her to continue on with figuring my body out. We ran out of time before she could finish. Yup. I am a field day.

She isn’t a doctor and told me that she cannot really tell me a diagnosis, which is fine, but she told me I definitely have major stomach and intestinal issues. I could have guessed that one! I am being optimistic this will help. After my first session was done, I had a slamming headache, so I know it did something.

It is kind of hard to explain correctly what biomagnetic therapy is exactly, for those who haven’t read my previous blog, but I will give it a whirl. The ionic balance is supposed to get your body aligned. This magnetic treatment is suppose to get your PH levels balanced, which helps restore your body to a natural state. Your body will begin to detox the bad stuff, hence maybe why I got the headache.

I saw my massage therapist the beginning of this week and my body is a mess. My thighs are tight, my back is a disaster.

This is what I have been dealing with though, which probably doesn’t help any. Haha.

What a pain in the ass, but having her has definitely raised my spirits and makes me happy. Who doesn’t want a puppy sleeping on your chest or giving you kisses?

She did some detox and lymph drainage, and boy oh boy, I am toxic. My nose was pouring. It was the first day of my antibiotics. I need to see Dr S for a chiropractic adjustment, but I keep forgetting to make an appointment. Same with making an appointment with my neurologist, but honestly I think I am avoiding that one mentally because I am not sure if he will take me back, as he told me, “you are too sick to treat, and I no longer want to be on your case”, and kind of dropped me.

I was really sick at that point, I mean REALLY sick so I can’t really blame him since as many of you know, at that time, doctors could get in big trouble for treating chronic Lyme patients.

I take with a grain of salt since it was a Facebook article….you can’t always trust those posts… that a law passed recently about doctors being able to treat chronic Lyme patients long term but at this point I really don’t think it will make a huge difference because all these doctors have zero knowledge about Lyme and coinfections. If this article is true, it is one big step closer to us being able to get properly treated anywhere. At the very least, it brings some awareness.

Once again, I am trying to avoid starches as much as possible and eat a bit better. I am doing a one day juice cleanse tomorrow to try to get some of the toxins out of me to start the second week of my treatment. Tonight is bomb day though, so I will bend the rules.

My goal of the weekend is to start doing pill boxes for the entire week for all of my supplements. Funny, I will probably have to buy multiple boxes to fit them all in. To be fair with the amount I take, some are giant horse pills. I still am on about 30 pills just for supplements a day (way less than when I first started this journey) , and I have been kind of slacking.

I always take the pills I know I really need to take, but I need to be a but more compliant with this. More organization and setting everything up for the week will help me keep on track much better.

This week I started my methylcobalamin injections. For a moment there, I thought something was seriously wrong with me. Tropical pee. What the hell? Oh yeah. Rifabutin makes your pee orange, b 12 shots make your pee pink. Mix it together, you get tropical pee. I will make it after all. 😉

Today being bomb day, the day I take everything under the sun, is my bend the rules Chinese food day which is actually needed, or I will be dry heaving the rest of the night. Joy. But hey, the combination of Flagyl and Omnicef gets my legs working to run to the bathroom.

I am kind of fading fast now so I will leave it at this for today. It is going to be a long day for me, at least I don’t have a lot going on at work (I am at work now… obviously working super hard), and I already cannot wait for a nap. The weekend is almost here, wishing you all the best!

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