Happy Monday! As you can tell, I am in a bit of a fog. I was off this morning then just completely took a spiral this afternoon. Funny how things can change rather quickly. I am trying to remember anything else that I missed… blood work also showed very low Biotin and low Copper so I will be adding that to the supplements.
My sleep neurologist lowered my narcolepsy medication to see if it would help with my tongue. It is a tiny bit better now, and fortunately the small difference in dosage hasn’t changed the effectiveness too much. I could give a laundry list of symptoms and crap I am dealing with, but my video was way longer than I thought it would be so I will spare you. I’m bummed, but I will figure something out to get back on the right track. I’m no quitter.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Stuck.

  1. Try magnesium fir the twitches, Tourettes like symptons. I have seizure like activity no seizures, but I think that is what causes it. I was having tremors before too. Magniezium really helps calm it all down I can go days without twitching like you are now.

    • Already on and tested regularly. I am on a lot of neurotropics it has just been an ongoing thing or years. It is so much better than it was since IVs, but obviously still comes back once in awhile hahaha

  2. Hi! My daughter, 26, has had Lyme for four years now so I’ve seen firsthand many of the things you speak of. I am her caretaker. She began treatment with an MD/Functional Medicine doc but when she wasn’t able to tolerate oral antibiotics we turned to Dr. J. Thankfully we live 40 miles south of DC. Unfortunately after mega bucks of course she was unable to continue his tough regimen although she still sees him off and on. She is going to go back to her original doctor after having taken a break from treatment. We went to Germany last October for natural treatment with a lady. You can imagine the costs with that! Two months treatment, apartment, meds, and everything that could go wrong did. After researching and meeting others in the US that were healed we never ever expected to come home without healing. It was devastating to return home without healing. We had waited 8 months to go since she is so busy. That amount of time spent anticipating a cure when we were so desperate blinded us to red flags. We had no idea how many WEREN’T getting well. In a nutshell, she was a little “off” and VERY egotistical so …. Anyway, I just want to say that I admire your perseverance and encouragement despite your horrific experiences! I want you to know your blog helps those fighting Lyme as well as those care taking. I have Lyme as well but I am still functioning although my knees, joints, spine, and memory have been problematic for years. We just had no clue. I am grateful my energy level allows me to take care of my family!! So again, thank you for doing this and may God bless us all with a cure one day, soon ; )

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