Happy Monday

So, I am not sure how I forgot to add (maybe because my video is way longer than I wanted it to be… probably due to the continued loss of train of thought.. – right before my lymph infection I was mauled by my cat. This sounds gross but I didn’t really feel it, since sometimes I don’t have full sensation of my legs, and I didn’t even notice it, so I in turn did not see it and it wasn’t cleaned in over a day. It got infected. That was a big question mark.. Bart? Pictures are below… I can’t figure out my WP program at the moment. Brain fart.

And let’s add some more to the mix. I was bit by something. Once again, not a lot of sensation in my legs. What do you think?

I also have to share a picture of Miss Olive as I always do… That face!

4 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. Just wanted to share my support for you… I understand how you are feeling with needing a direction. I hope you get some good thoughts from your doctor that give you some plan of action. Some days it’s all we’ve got to focus on to keep us sane.

    I also wanted to mention something new I’ve been exploring that I’m having good results with–I’m seeing a chiropractic neurologist. Their approach is so different from a traditional neurologist because of the chiropractic aspect. so many of the symptoms that I was thinking were due to lyme have been brain physiological issues that they are actively correcting. Of course I still have lyme and Babs and others too. But My doctor is treating a concussion that I never knew I received but he sees evidence of. They give you exercises and stimulation depending on your issue. And the shit works, it’s been exciting to actually see real change for once. my doctor has dealt with ticks/Tourette’s issues (in his daughter actually) and many serious issues. perhaps it could be another avenue to explore if there’s someone like that in your area? I personally like having multiple paths to focus on. Mentioning this only as something maybe you didn’t know existed, I sure didn’t know there was a doctor out there like this! Sending you continued strength and perseverance, keep doing your thing and something will click, I really believe that for all of us.

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