I am currently 29 years old and married to the love of my life. We have been together for 12 years, and married for 8.  We own our own home and share it with our 3 dogs, Cooper, Olive and Chance, and our cat, Lucy. I went to NHCTC for business management and graduated as valedictorian in 2007. I love to work. I work limited hours now as a bookkeeper, but have spent many years waitressing too as supplemental income and I love it! I have worked for and met so many amazing people along the way.

And now I am fighting a horrible battle with late-dessimated Lyme disease. I am scared and angry, and it can get lonely. I never know what is going to happen and sometimes I feel like I will never get better, but I have to keep on having a positive attitude or I won’t get to a good place again. When I mention lonely, I know that it’s not that no one cares or worries, I think that they forget that while their lives continue and they get to do what they want, my life has STOPPED. It sucks. I was hoping to not learn life lessons in this way. It is what it is. And right now, Lyme consumes my life, and I hate every bit of it.

DISCLAIMER : I am not a doctor, this is just my story and experience. Every Lyme patient is different. Do not attempt my protocols for your safety. Seek out a LLMD to get a protocol that is right for you. Xo

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    • Start from my June 22nd entry, “the beginning” and it will tell how I came about finally getting my Lyme diagnosis after several years. It was a long and lengthy process to get all the right answers.

      The specialist that I am seeing has said usually people with persistant Lyme symptoms generally have more than one co infection. There is a need to address all of these and attack them all together in all its forms as the strains can become resistant to certain antibiotics.

      As for co infections, I tested positive for anaplasmosis and mycoplasma (can be transmitted by ticks and the 2 generally go hand in hand) but have and will be on future bartonella treatments (a good LLMD will treat based on symptoms since co infection testing is even more innacurate then Lyme testing) and next month will be starting a Babesia treatment.

      • Hi Kimmie,
        You are a brave brave lady, and are not alone.
        If you’re ok with it, can you send us a private email. I will be reading more of your blog soon. My husband was just diagnosed with Lyme through an Igenex test. We are having a difficult time finding an LLMD in San Diego. Can you help us?


      • Do you have a FB? There are many groups that you can ask if they know of an LLMD in a specific area, and it seems people get a lot of responses, and feedback on their experiences as well.

      • ps I am honestly not sure how to do a private email on this thing 😦 They changed the formatting and I am still getting use to it. I would definitely try FB though!

      • I did see a doctor from there (she nearly killed me, I would have died if I did not have intervention from another doctor), and have spoken with a gentleman Dr from there. He was not knowledgable whatsoever. I have not had anything positive come from Portsmouth unfortunately. Feel free to shoot me an email, kimsconcierge@gmail.com and we can chat.

  1. My name is Christina, I have had Lyme for 10 years… but was diagnosed last month, have had a rough time and always knew that something was “wrong”. My symptoms were severe “minor” flu like symptoms. I really enjoyed reading your story, I definitely can relate. I have my first LLMD appointment the first week in Sept. at Mayo Clinic in Minn. Anyways, thank you for sharing your story 🙂 You are not alone.

    • You have a long journey ahead Christina but sending you my best wishes. I hope they can figure out a treatment plan that is right for you. When you go there, bring notes, write down every off thing that has happened, even if it seems insignificant to you. Ask lots of questions. If you don’t have insurance I suggest trying to get it. It doesn’t cover Lyme meds, but will help tremendously with bloodwork and other tests.

  2. Kim, your story touched me as if I wrote it myself………I am on my way back but do understand the loneliness. When I got diagnosed after 24 years with a blood test, I was having neurological symptoms, twitching, trouble walking and pain, pain, pain. I had a year of hard work on detoxing and the lyme protocol also with the ACT program. We are all so different in our journey with this but also so much the same. Being your own health advocate has worked for me. Hope to keep in touch. Besos, Kiki (Susan Redwine) Lyme Group

  3. Thanks for sharing your story, Lyme Disease affects us all differently, in my case I’ve been affected neurologically, but don’t have any verbal tics but definitely have extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pain and have had rage episodes in the past until I learned to control them.

    I read your post on MDjunction this is how I got here 🙂 I hope you find a cure, this illness is curable but it does cost a fortune to get a proper treatment. (which I personally don’t afford, this is why I’m seeking natural routes.

    I felt a whole lot better on antibiotics (December and January 2012) and then I gradually had a relapse, felt better for another 3 months and then a relapse again. I know it’s hard but just hang on in there, it should get better. You can read my entire story here – http://www.lyme.ws/lyme-disease-story-2/


    • Thanks Alex! You are absolutely right! And there are a lot of natural treatments that can help you out and I hope they really do.

      I tried to incorporate both (which I actually still will be) but due to the severe neurological recommendations at this point it was necessary to go the IV route to penetrate into the brain.

      THere are two posts that might be helpful to you, I did one on natural treatments of Lyme and supplements you should know about.

      Good luck 😉

  4. Wow.. you are telling my story. Amazing how desperate you feel at times.. and then the anger sets in.. and you put on the Clash or Social D and say F%^& the world.. we’ll get there.. I’ve been infusing since Nov.. orals since July.. having hit 40 I thought old age was getting me.. but officially a lymie w/the MTHFR and babesia.. at least we know what we’re working on even if the insurance co’s don’t.. this will not beat us.. hang in there..

  5. Hey Kimmie, I am going to see Dr. J on Dec 24 for the first time and thepersonnexttoyou suggested I contact you. I read some of your posts about what Dr. J is doing for you. I’d love to chat with you via email about it if you don’t mind.


      • Hey there, just discovered your blog and have been seeing Dr. J since April of this year. Would also like to hear about your experience with him as he doesn’t seem to appear in your recent posts?

      • I haven’t seen him in awhile since I am on oral antibiotics at the moment and don’t need to go as often off the IVs. From May 2013 until august or september 2014 you will hear a lot more about him.

  6. Hi Kimmie,
    I am so happy yet terrified to read your blog. I have not been diagnosed with Lyme although I have all of the symptoms, for a LONG time. I just went for testing and it takes 3 weeks to get results. I have no support system, group or network where I live and do not know how to find the right (or any) LLMD. The closest I have come to find is an environmental Dr. Can we please email. I am suffering and alone and would appreciate your help. My primary and most everyone else thinks I am crazy and need mental health help. THANK YOU

  7. Yep, still on treatment! This video was done quite some time ago. If you go to the home page it will show my current postings, and I believe on the right hand side of the screen you can see a calendar and search by date 😉

  8. Kim so proud of you…makes me happy that there is an incredible connection out there. People like you scared, angry, confused and sick and sick of being sick. So cool that with internet, blogging, & email a connection can be made with people near and far to talk about this horrible disease, treatments, Doctors, protocols, etc. To know you’re not alone has to give some comfort. XO

  9. Your words have been very helpful. I have finally gone down the path you did and I’m testing positive for all sorts of things in addition to Lyme. When you said you felt lonely, I’ve never felt so alone in my life. I’m married with 3 kids and I’ve had Lyme for 21 years. My list goes on but I won’t bother with that. You nailed it though when you said you feel lonely and it’s because yours world has stopped and everyone just keeps going on. I hate it, I hate it so much!!! I used to have a great life now I’ve withered away to almost nothing but the worst part is my kids have seen it all. Sometimes they get mad at me for not being able to do something because I’m to sick. What bothers me the most was that I was that person anyone and everyone called when they needed help but not a single one has called or checked it. I had a picc line in for 6 months of antibiotics and my WBC dropped to almost nothing And my cpk levels quadrupled. They think I have c. Diff now. It sucks!!!! my Llmd that had me on a picc and then pulled it because of my test results hasn’t even called me back, it’s been two weeks. I’ve found a new practice but we are starting at square 1. All new tests and Al that crap which takes weeks and in the mean time I’m just sitting around waiting to die. (That’s what I feel like) I really don’t have the strength to do much. Your article has helped me though and has helped me remove some of the anger I have towards some family and friends. Thanks for that! Keep your head!

  10. Hi there,
    Just have a question. I read about your journey and i’m praying for you!!! I live in NH and looking for a Lyme dr, do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you much!!!

  11. I just found your blog and enjoyed reading most of it at one sitting. I am beginning my third year of the battle and although I am much better I still have a way to go. There really isn’t much out there for us Lymies that informative and entertaining at the same time. I would buy your story in book form! Looking forward to the next posting. Best wishes.

  12. Hi Kimmie..I have been getting your updates for awhile and can share in some of your struggles. I was wondering if you have any info on chronic Lyme ? My treatment for Lyme stopped years ago after going years without being diagnosed. I was later diagnosed with Fibro because of constant pain.Am currently being checked for MS because of Neuro issues but all came back clean…even another Lyme test. Most doctors don’t acknowledge chronic Lyme. Any info would be helpful.

    • I sure do have information! If you look throughout my blog, I have written several helpful articles. I think the most read one, that you can get in the search engine is “Common Abnormalities with Lyme disease”.

  13. Hi, Kimmie. I’m a student from Mexico and got a informational project about Lyme disease. I just found out about this website thanks to ILADS. I have some specific questions about your experience that can help me completing my project. Can we chat via email?

  14. Kimmie, I just found your blog yesterday and just have to sing praises to you. You have assembled very helpful information for patients as well as their friends and family. I’m truly sorry you are sick, but just want you to know you have helped me put words to what I’m going through and you have helped me feel more confident in my diagnosis as you have shared your symptoms. I only have Bartonella (the mother of all co-infections) but I just can’t even begin to tell you how helpful it is to read about your recent outing to get a bridesmaid dress. People without these symptoms can’t even imagine how much effort it takes to go out and how confusing it can be.

    Be well and godspeed.

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