Lyme – The Great Imitator

Lyme disease has also been known as “the great imitator”. The reason being, Lyme disease has many of the same symptoms of several other diseases and illnesses.

Did you watch “Under Our Skin” yet? No? You bastard. Only kiddin’. Remember, free on Hulu!  The reason being in relation to this blog, one of the researchers, Dr. McDonald, a pathologist, had done research on Lyme and other illnesses with belief that many of the cases were actually Lyme. He tested 10 deceased’s Alzheimer brains and 7 tested positive for the Lyme disease bacteria, borellia burgdorferi.  Dr. Klinghardt of Washington explains that 100%, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of his patients that were diagnosed with ALS, MS, and Parkinson’s tested POSITIVE for Lyme disease. Amazing.

Lyme and MS can both show white lesions in your brain. Also important to know, if you have been treated for MS, Doctors generally use steroids to help you. Lyme and steroids don’t mix. They can make your Lyme symptoms much much worse. I am kind of a conspiracist, all based on research however, and my theory is on MS is that MAYBE, just MAYBE, pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune on MS treatments, so why acknowledge that Lyme might be part or all the of the blame of MS?

Here is a small clip from the movie I found on YouTube, from Under Our Skin, that explains some of why Lyme should be considered if you were ever diagnosed with any of these diseases/syndromes.

Lyme disease has so many different symptoms and there isn’t necessarily anyone that is the same. This made my intake for DC pretty long and tedious. It looked like I went to town on the paper checking off a ton of boxes. Yup have that, yup, yup.  For me personally, there are A LOT of issues going on but my main issues are ( well I feel my main issues are, my Dr’s may feel differently of what is most important) : extreme fatigue, muscle and joint aches and pains which can be excruciating , numbness, lightheadedness/dizziness, shaking, seizures, personality changes, my heart issue (debatable if it was Lyme or Babesia that caused it or if it is  something I’ve always had, just getting aggravated worse by being sick) and of course my verbal and physical tics that leave me yelling “ahh”, doing the thriller dance, finger snapping, and clapping like a retarded harbor seal. Not as many get that symptom. Yay for me. Winning. Fortunately, Dr K. has told me that they have treated other people with this fun symptom that makes you stick out like a sore dink, with success. 😀

I actually  think I might have found the list, or one very similar online. This list is from Dr Burrascano’s guidelines, a Doctor who helped research and pave the way for long term treatment and recognition of Chronic Lyme.

Holy moly. As you can see, there is a TON of symptoms that Lyme disease can cause. This is why Lyme mimics so many other diseases. This is also why Lyme is so often overlooked, other than the fact a lot of Doctor’s don’t acknowledge Lyme, even though it is the highest growing epidemic and far surpasses AIDS.  Lyme mimics so many other illnesses and there are so many symptoms associated with Lyme disease. I hope those of you reading, that haven’t gotten well with whatever you have been told, get a Western Blot. Maybe you were misdiagnosed, much like myself.

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