Mycoplasma – The Hidden Co-Infection of Lyme

When we all think co-infections of Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasmosis are the ones that tend to come to mind. But we never seem to think about Mycoplasma, and it is commonly overlooked by ourselves, and our doctors as well. And it should not be overlooked. In one study, as many as seventy five percent of Lyme patients have Mycoplasma infections, making it the NUMBER ONE co-infection of Lyme, surpassing Bartonella and Babesia. Wow. 


If you continue reading, there seems to be an overlap of symptoms, diagnosis, growth, and treatment. 


What is Mycoplasma? Mycoplasma are the smallest organisms that do not have a cell wall or cell nucleus and act like parasites within a host. They can also take different shapes. There are many different strains but only about a dozen affect humans. Because of the versatility, they can hide from the immune system and affect it in many ways. 


Unlike viruses, they can grow your blood, joints, heart, chest, and spinal fluids and can grow in living tissue cell structures without killing the cells as many other viruses and bacteria do.  They are also found to infect females four times more often than males, which is about the same incident rate of many other autoimmune disorders.


Not everyone is as susceptible for contracting Mycoplasma. Generally, people with weakened immune systems and the elderly are most likely to get an infection.  


Mycoplasma can be spread in many different ways. It can be spread via ticks, but can also be spread via drops of moisture from the nose and mouth as well as genital fluids (yes, there are some forms of Mycoplasma that are spread sexually), as well as the air. We will get back to that one later.


The most common form of Mycoplasma among the general population, affecting 2 million people in the United States alone every year, is Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Symptoms of Mycoplasma pneumoniae include respiratory infections, bronchitis, pharyngitis, and asthma. It can also cause extreme exhaustion, flu symptoms, fever, headache, muscle aches, skin rashes, sore throat, and joint pain. This form is generally spread by sneezing and coughing and is the cause of “walking pneumonia”.


The most common form of Mycoplasma tested in Lyme patients is called Mycoplasma fermentans, with nearly 50% of Mycoplasma positive Lyme patients being positive for this strain. 


Some of it’s symptoms include night sweats, fibromyagia, fatigue, headaches, fevers, memory loss, skin rashes, diarrhea, abdominal bloating, depression, and bronchitis as well as serious neurological manifestations.


I wrote a blog about the conspiracies of Lyme disease  and discussed admitted that mycoplasma may have been released from Plum Island. Long story short (posted July 15th, you should find it, 😉 ) is that there has been a lot of evidence supporting the government possibly having a role in some of the transmission and strains. Dr. Hess, who worked on the island, claimed that the tick research area was not safe. Dr. Garth Nicolson, also a researcher for Plum Island  had said that Mycoplasma was “possibly let loose from the island.” Possibly. Hmm. 


Mycoplasma has been used in biological warfare. Interestingly enough, the most common form among Lyme patients, Mycoplasma fermentans, is also known as Gulf War Illness. A particular strain, Mycoplasma fermentans incognitus is a weaponized strain of the bacteria. A weaponized strain means that it is created to make the organism stronger and resistant to get rid of. This particular strain actually has part of the HIV protein coat, about 40% of it, meaning you can in fact contract HIV but if you don’t, it can result in the same debilitating symptoms. Also meaning it HAS TO be man-made strain of the bacteria. 


This particular form can also be responsible for CFS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Respiratory issues, Lupus, and many other diseases. Another good reason to not underestimate this bacteria. 


Many Gulf War veterans became very ill and even died. Their families also became ill once they came home. And many carried the fermamtans incognitis strain of Mycoplasma. It is said that the most likely scenario was testing out the actual military personel by giving them vaccines that contained the bacteria as many were not deployed. Biological weapon sprayers were known to have been deployed during the war, so that could also be a possibility, since this can be spread via the air. 


In Kuwait, up to 25% of their population became to fall ill with the same symptoms as the Gulf War Illness, aka Mycoplasma.


Think of all the chem trails that you see in the sky. Our government could be spraying us all with bacteria and we would never even know it. Believe what you want, but that is a very good theory with a lot of diseases. Hell, they could be dropping ticks from the sky for all I know. You all know me, KimmieCakes the conspiracist. 🙂


A special forces colonel, Schumacher, released information about Mycoplasma after he retired. His group was not allowed to deploy their biological weapons detectors during the Gulf War, leading to reports that these weapons were not detected or used. He states after the war was over, instead of taking inventory of the weapons, they were blown up. 


He also spoke of the Iraqis receiving a lot of assistance from the U.S. during the Iraq/Iran war (previous to the Gulf War) as chemical and biological weapons  were given to them and there were indicators that they had been used. 


Just after the Gulf War, in 1994, there is belief that a Texas prison in Huntsville was testing their prisoners. The prisoners became sick and died from things like ALS (many of these type of diseases there is a positive Mycoplasma test, up to 90%). A HIGH number became sick. In this one area, where 3 state prisons are found, 70 cases of ALS, many MS cases, and high numbers of Rheumatoid Arthritis were reported. 


That is a lot for one area! The prisoners that died were suppose to be sent off to the University of Texas for autoposy. The thing is, NONE of their bodies were ever sent there but were found to be done at a US Army base and then sent to a private crematory and all the prisoner records were then destroyed. The prison’s staff also began to fall very ill.


A document was found later indicating that the Texas Prison Board, Baylor College of Medicine, and the U.S. Department of Defense were experimenting with Mycoplasma as well as Brucella and the Parvovirus on the inmates. 


And you think I am crazy for thinking “they” could be out to get us? haha 😉 


Diagnosis can be made by a variety of bloodwork tests, cultures, chest x rays, and even biopsies when there is an unknown cause of illness. Unfortunately, some of these tests can be inaccurate, so clinical diagnoses can also be made. 


Treatments for Mycoplasma are antibiotics such as Doxycycline, Azithromycin, Erythromycin and Biaxin. Naturals to consider are olive leaf, samento, colloidal silver, and thyme leaf juice extract. People have also used rife machine to rid their infections. Much like Lyme, when one is infected with Mycoplasma, they often have several abnormalities within their body from nutritional deficiencies to metal toxicity. These should also be taken into account in order to treat and help boost your immune system. 


Having Lyme disease, any strain can be very difficult to irradiate. Garth Nicolson also believes that it is impossible to completely get rid of this bacteria.  Even what is known to be one to keep at bay and easier to treat, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, can keep coming back among all the other forms.Yikes.  


Interestingly, I found that you CAN indeed herx off of a Mycoplasma treatment. So.. for those of you with a lot of herxing going on, you just may be killing off more than Lyme and the co-infections you are familiar with. It could possibly be Mycoplasma as well! So don’t forget to detox!


This co-infection of Lyme, yes, it a co-infection because many Mycoplasma forms are transmitted by ticks. Mycoplasma should be considered as a factor in your treatment and might explain some of the severity of your symptoms as sometimes, it is not just Lyme that is making you sick. 


As you could tell, there are quite a few overlapping symptoms so it is at least worth mentioning to your doctor, in my opinion.  Luckily, many of the treatments coincide with a Lyme protocol, but it is information for both you and your doctor.


Happy weekend!,,,,,,, Photo cred: < picture of Mycoplasma fermentans

38 thoughts on “Mycoplasma – The Hidden Co-Infection of Lyme

  1. Not only did the prison staff become sick, but also their families and then more of the towns residents. And yes, it has been made into a bioweapon. Kimmie Cakes the conspiracist has met her match 😉

  2. Not one of my Doctor’s will sign orders for mycoplasma fermantans incognitus! They know the government will take their license away! One infectious disease doctor I saw in Houston wouldn’t explain to me why and walked out the door! I’m a desert storm veteran and know the pentagon vaccinated us with this as a population control experiment.

  3. Thank you for posting this excellent article. 🙂 I’m with you on the conspiracy theories. Most of them unfortunately turn out to be verified later on.
    There is definitely in a cold war against humanity happening, and we are the canaries in the coalmine, for sure.
    Would chlamydia pneumonia be the same as mycoplasma pneumonia? I was diagnosed with that alongside borrelia.

    • I actually am not sure how that spreads but I do know it can easily come out of remission. Maybe I will do some research on it and write a blog about it. I am currently working on research about seizures bt I will definitely keep that topic in mind as I know many others have this issue. Best wishes to you xo

    • The conspiracy theory is partly correct in that the US military developed Mycoplasma fermentans at least in part from hybridising a Mycoplasma species, [I’m not sure which] with Brucella. It came back to bite the biters in the Gulf war when most of the returning veterans with Gulf War Syndrome (ME/CFS) had evidence of M fermentans. M fermentans commonly causes temporo-mandibular joint pain and tenderness (PCR studies from TMJ joint aspirations -De Meileir, Brussels), severe neurological degeneration of different kinds, and is associated with a number of tumours. M fermentans is a reasonably common co-infection with Borrelia, but I’m not sure how common, probably rather less than M pneumoniae. It is more difficult to treat than pneumoniae, often requiring Ciprofloxacin. A good test is PCR on blood, but like most tests for these chronic intracellular organisms, quite insensitive.
      M fermentans is extremely nasty, and I would not wish to have it.
      Mycoplasma and Chlamydia – each is a separate genus. Both have a species named pneumoniae, for the obvious reason that either can commonly cause pneumonia in humans. Chlamydia pneumoniae has recently been renamed Chlamydophila pneumoniae because although it is very similar to other Chlamydiae, recent DNA sequencing has shown it is sufficiently different to the other Chlamydiae to warrant its own genus – Chlamydophila, (“Chlamydia-like”).

      • Hugh, is there a way to be tested for Myco. fermentans directly without a doctor’s order? Which lab does this? Thanks!

  4. Great article! Except for the Chem trail digression. But mycoplasma strains are serious stuff and I think that’s what’s been keeping me from pulling out of the overall disease vortex. Fermentans is probably the strain I am dealing with given almost all my issues are neuro. Buhner has a GREAT book on treating mycoplasma and Bartonella. ..i highly recommend it.

  5. Just read your blog while surfing late at night. Amazing and I believe you’re 100% right.

    I have had a “Mystery Illness” for ten years following a tick bite. I have been diagnosed with fibro and CFS. I am on excessively high doses of thyroid hormone in order to feel somewhat normal. I am extremely thyroid hormone resistant.

    Also, I have adrenal fatigue and sleep disturbances; gained forty pounds (mainly abdominal) and the weight will not budge. Exhausted and have worked out about ten times in the last five years. I used to run, lift weights and had an incredibly positive attitude.

    I do work, however, am so drained by working despite this illness, I have done absolutely nothing recreational in three years. I am too wiped out. I have a low-paying job because right now I cannot strive for more.

    This illness has taken everything from me: money, ambition, energy, possessions, my health. So, yes, I do believe your words.

    I have been sick for so long I don’t feel I would test positive. I believe its lyme and mycoplasma based on the symptoms. Not enough is being done for those who are losing hope.

    • I would get tested. I did not test positive for Lyme but I did test positive for Bartonella and Mycoplasma, coinfections, so my ND is treating me for Lyme as well. Its so good to know why I have been feeling so bad for so long.

      • I know you posted this three years ago but I have the same diagnosis as you. I would love to hear about your treatment.

      • LOVE the blog, and totally agree with all of it – Chem trails included! I was recently bitten by a poppy seed size tick – Watched the spot for 2 weeks – and nothing. Last week had bullseye with large elevated sore, larger than a quarter, in center with many pustules that burned and was very painful. Lymph nodes under arm swelled up. headache, no energy – Went to Dr and she thought the mark was strange looking – Lyme tests were neg although- 41 band positive- along with elevated microplasma. On doxy – are there natural ways to detox body from whatever this is and build immune? Could the tick bite have activated something I was exposed to previously? Any info or shared experience is helpful…with gratitude!

      • Lemon water, burbur drops, activated charcoal, king chlorella… the tick bite could have? It is always hard to know for sure what is what..

    • I know how you feel! I experienced all your symptoms including weight gain! Im not completely out of the woods, but at least all the horrible symptoms have mostly gone – and my skin has mostly cleared up.

      Some ideas:
      1. Clean water supply – NO Fluoride/chlorine etc!
      2. Apple Cider Vinegar is your best friend! – diluted – Internal/topical – Detox/alkalise
      3. Eat organic! – Food = potent medicine or the slowest poison.
      4. Fermented foods! Sauerkraut, sour dough bread etc. – introduce your body to it’s own personal army.
      5. Turmeric! – What doesn’t this spice do! Neuroprotective, potent anti-inflammatory, top tier liver detox, equivalent to exercise effect on cardiovascular system, anti-biotic.

  6. Kimmie,
    Mycoplasma is the reason why some lymies dont get better. I’m stuck in the midwest, all idiot docs, never heard of ehrlichia – west coast PCR positive ehrlichia, dumb doc blew me off didnt treat – have kidney stones ruining kidneys — mycoplasma is “urease positive” – this means it forms nasty struvite kidney stones, the 10% rare kind, that dont go away by themselves and harbor ANY bacterial infections you may have, untouchable by abx within those stones — so it doesnt matter HOW many times youre treated for lyme and the others, all these idiot IDSA nincompoops spouting “if youve been treated, you cant still have it” are dead wrong – 75% of lyme has myco, myco CAUSES struvite (“staghorn” kidney stones), bacteria LURK safely within stones, cant be killed off, come right back again — docs NEED to start learning this. Sadly, I had lyme before it was discovered – then treated handful of times, but NEVER during the time when co infections became known – trying to get help now, is ridiculous midwest, they shrug and say “never heard of it”, “you know more about it than me (ought to be illegal, licenses yanked) — tell “kidneys HURT”, get sent to heart doc instead…utterly ridiculous. I likely have serratia (pink crimson crud that follows me from house to house move, in the bathroom) — ehrlichia (PCR+ but ignored), babesia (drenching sweats and lack of salt from same), bartonella (hello, long purple marks) — and a doozy, called Q fever that NOBODY knows even when you tell them about it.
    Consider yourself lucky. And don’t EVER rely on medicaid, its like hiring my cousin vinnie to be your lawyer. 🙂 Feel better…(ooh. try quinine, not more than 2 weeks at a time tho, it seems to do something for me, as does blood thinners, (clot city regular basis), magnesium (for some reason go deficient), iodine supplements (very low and once a week only), natto or selenium (otherwise body cant use iodine), food potassium (no sups), cranberry juice, curry, [garlic], B vitamins, E (breaks up any SMALL stones),apple cider vinegar with the mother (ditto), and MEGA vitamin C. (studies suggest over 5000 mg/day is what we truly need, not the ridiculously low RDA). C makes quite a difference but it vanishes next day you forget. Feel better.
    If youre out in the forums, please yell very loudly for attention on the stone aspect/mycoplasma urease+ known causer of struvite (infection stones) — who knows, maybe lyme or the other well-knowns are also urease+, so little is known about them – oh yeah, read U Oslos study, they watched lyme alive under scope, only med that could bust thru the cyst wall it makes, is Flagyl. All others, it merely hides making a wall till the coast is clear. Funny, no peers have had time to review that and tell usa docs that for oh, over 7 years now.

  7. Hi All,

    I’ve recently been made aware of the possibility/probability of mycoplasma co-infection with Lyme and other tick-born illnesses. Also new to me is the implication that infectious microorganisms form biofilms which make them resistant to treatment.

    I’m 3 years into treatment for Lyme and Babesia, and while I have improved, I’m still ill. (Had to stop working, even part-time and need a lot of bed-rest, etc). On several occasions I have stopped antibiotics, anti-malarials and nystatin (candida prevention), mostly because I developed allergies or dangerous sensitivities to several antibiotics. Each time, shortly after going off meds I have become acutely ill. Along with the “usual” symptoms, I quickly begin to stammer, have a tremor, and a head-jerking tic. (These were initially an apparent herx reaction to my first 5 weeks on antibiotics.) My balance and proprioception, while somewhat improved under treatment, get dramatically worse and I have difficulty walking, reaching for doorknobs, etc.

    I’m losing hope of recovery or significant improvement and I believe my doctor (a well-respected Lyme specialist in NYS) has nothing more to offer but continuing on with life-long medication.

    My questions are these: Does anyone know of a comprehensive course of treatment for Lyme, Babesia, etc., that includes treatment for mycoplasma and biofilms? Can anyone suggest research articles or books that might be useful?

    I have already looked into the Sponaugle Wellness Center in Florida. It is phenomenally (prohibitively) expensive, and there doesn’t seem to be any information on long-term results that aren’t generated by the Center.

    Thanks for all the information so far.

    • My daughter spent 6 weeks at Sponaugles Wellness Center last spring. She got a little better but never healed. They said it was because she came back to a home with mold that suppressed her immune system and she couldn’t get strong enough to fight the lyme. She along with many lyme patients have the mold gene. When they are exposed to mold and other toxins there bodies immune system is suppressed because there bodies are not detoxing properly. She has lived with us for over a year. She is still seeing someone because of her illness. She is better than she was 3 years ago but not well. Besides her lyme she has bartonella, mycoplasma, babesia and a protozoa that is hard to kill. check out Marty Ross on you tube for some healing ideas

      • Joyce, it is true that many with Lyme have mold and that mold/CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome) can keep your daughter from healing. Can she move to a mold-free home and seek treatment with a mold-literate doc.?

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  10. Thank you for this article. I was recently diagnosed with Lyme and tested positive for Bartonella and Mycoplasma. Now I know why I have been sick all this time and finally found an ND who knows what hes doing and how to treat my conditions. I just ordered the book on the coinfections based on his recommendation. Also I was consulting with another doctor (I like to have options) and he agreed with my NDs treatment with Ozone Sauna therapy. We are doing so many things naturally to boost my immune system before I start antibiotics. Hes also testing my Vit D to make sure my infections are not using it to suppress my immune system or something like that. Lamens terms…im still learning about all this.

  11. Thanks for your honesty and courage with all your posts. It’s hard having this type of knowledge isn’t it? I often feel like an outcast with my beliefs. It’s nice to connect with like minded people even if it is just on line.

  12. I’ve had Lyme a few years, very interested in this article. Need help finding a Dr. near me in Alabama. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much.

    • Try going on ILADS, and they might be able to help you, and if you are a Facebook member, perhaps try joining a few groups and asking around. There are tons of people from across the country, and it seems like a lot of people can give you information, as we know Lyme is across the country and there is no “safe” spot!

  13. Kimmie, thanks for all the honest details in your blog. Our son 16yo, became a diff person 1.5 yrs ago, and finally tested pos for lyme and several cos in Jan of this year. On a picc line with 3 abx as well as so many other things incl the b-12 shots… he’s stopped speaking, is exhausted, barely eats – giving him a saline bag in his iv now cause I’m scared he’s dehydrated. We have an appt with Dr. J’s office in DC in 3 weeks. I’m nervous about the plane trip from TX since he already is so sensitive to noise – not sure what the pressure will do to his head. But it’s encouraging to hear that maybe his herxing is ‘normal’ based on everything you’ve been through. Not sure why this all came on, but hoping we can get him back.

    • Maybe see if you can give him some sort of sedative for motion sickness?? Just a thought so maybe he will just be able to sleep on the plane. Wishing you luck! They are very thourough, and you will be in good hands.

  14. Thank you for this information. I am sharing it with others and starting to look at health issues differently. It’s interesting that I had to see so many doctors and NDs before I finally found someone who could or was willing to diagnose me properly. At first I was skeptical about having any infections but with the tests coming back positive I couldn’t deny the truth. I was afraid I was being treated like a guinea pig…again. But now I am actually paying to fight an actual infection rather than experimenting with tons of supplements based on symptoms. And that is worth every penny!

  15. My son had Mycoplasma when he was in elementary school (he is now 16). His upstairs toilet overflowed 3 times and the water came through the downstairs kitchen ceiling onto the stove. Also, the air conditioning drip pan overflowed twice and a small flood ensued and the upstairs ceiling began leaking water. My husband was not about to fix it and said to let all instances dry and he had the walls repainted. My son was diagnosed with Mycoplasma, Ehlers Danlos Type 3 and ADD. My daughter’s urine began to have a very, very strong ammonia odor (like straight ammonia) and she had 8 febrile seizures. She was diagnosed with kidney reflux and then she had double vision. She began to wear glasses at 4 years and we thought that it was due to a fall that she had. I had mood swings and hormonal problems and they diagnosed me with PCOS and put me on a medicine usually used for diabetics and then, two years later, they said that I didn’t have PCOS.
    We divorced after 19 years and my children and I moved into a rental property (my daughter stayed a lot with my husband which is another story). We smelled a horrible odor and, long story short, we had the house swabbed and tested for toxic mold after I found the smelly, gelatinous moldy mess underneath the sink. The driveway began cracking and so did the patio. There was standing water beside the house. There was black mold coming up from a bathtub drain. The mold was caused by a leak. The molds were: Chaetomium Globosum, Aspergillus and Penicillium. These emit toxic gases called mycotoxins. The leak was found in November 2014. The leak was fixed in December 2014 and the mold remediation was January 2015. The mold smell did not go away and the same mold began to come out of the wall underneath the sink and a subsequent leak was found. Two other houses had mold from the past and several neighbors were complaining about the piping in our houses.

    Then the nightmare ensued. My son developed unbelievable anxiety and insomnia. His behavior was noticed first by him and then by March, even after speaking at length about the mold, the pediatrician did not write it on exit papers and, noticing his behavior, sent us to behavioral health. When we mention toxic mold, doctors look somewhat disenchanted and a neurologist who gives my son focus and medication for restless leg syndrome told us that she couldn’t see us any longer and to get help from a mold doctor (?) Just 3 months earlier, she told us to stay on the medication because it was so good for him. A sleep doctor who was seen once, told us that he didn’t know anything about mold and didn’t want to talk about it. A sleep test was done and he called me and said that my son had a “profound sleep disorder” caused by anxiety. I told him already that he had anxiety from mold exposure. He said that he could not see my son as a patient and to see a psychiatrist (?) The toxicologist at the pediatric practice said that those molds aren’t toxic and the pediatricians didn’t want to talk about the caustic odor that made our noses burn and felt like it was going straight to our brain. My son and I can no longer think as well. He was put on a homebound program because an integrative doctor tested his urine and Trichothecenes was found. This toxin is from Stachybotrys and a few other molds (that the pediatric toxicologist would recognize but did not call when I submitted to them the labwork saying that RealTime labs were not certified – they most certainly are). Our judgment is off and he tested positive for Lupus but subsequent testing revealed otherwise. The immunologist says that since what he has doesn’t involve the immune system, she cannot see us either. His immune system is in overdrive trying to fight these toxins so hard that it can lead to autoimmune. Lyme disease and mold disease have a LOT in common. The pediatric practice says that we need a psychiatrist because it is a genetic problem (?) I requested the notes from that last visit and wanted to write what I thought was the truth and the manager of the practice called and said that they would mail my son’s entire file and that they were severing ties with our family. The mold doctor put us on Cholestyramine as a binder for the toxin. We moved out but did not throw away ALL of our belongings like some suggested. I regret that so much. You really have to start completely over with just the clothes on your back. I wondered why we couldn’t get help from conventional doctors and the integrative MD said at this whole thing involves greed at such a high government level that you can’t fight it. Big Pharma, until recently, has funded a large number of medical schools and medical authors of journals. Doctors say they know nothing about mold causing neurological effects. So, you have to ask the military. They know. Iran and Iraq know about Chaetomium and Trichothecenes. People coming back from war may know. Some integrative MDs say that ADD, Austism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia all have a fungal denominator. In 1999, Mayo Clinic said that all sinus problems were caused by fungus. Global Indoor Health Network. Org will explain how people are getting paid to keep this quiet. Big Pharma works like the computer hackers. The same entity offering help had a big part in starting the problem. The Dept. of Agriculture knows about Chaetomium Globosum and that it is a biological agent used in soil that helps maize and other crops grow larger. They also know that it is the only mold that mutates DNA, inhibits cell replication and inhibits protein synthesis. The Housing Dept. knows that ever since we switched from plaster to drywall our walls soak up moisture and molds. Energy Efficiency has created a situation where our houses do not breathe. I believe there are different groups helping each other keepingsecrets as they donating money to the government agencies including FDA.

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